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About Us

Local Seasonal Beauty

Aurora Rose Flower Farm planted our first flower bulbs in the fall of 2017. We use our flowers for everything form famers market bouquets, monthly flower subscriptions, weddings, and all kinds of events.


Meet Madalyn 

Hey! I am Madalyn, owner of Aurora Rose Flower Farm. This business grew out of the dream I had of being a farmer. Becoming a farmer who didn't own any land... or any equipment...or any anything really was challenging but so incredibly rewarding. With a lot of help and encouragement from my family, we have been flower farming for five seasons. I am happy to announce my family and I have moved back home, to where the original farm started in Caro Michigan. I am beyond  thrilled to be managing just one location and to be working side by side with my mom again.

When I am not at the farm, I'm with my husband Max, daughter Adelaide, and soon to be spending a lot of time with our new baby due May 2023.  

Meet Cathy (my mom!)

My mom Cathy has been a huge inspiration and a big encourager when it comes to me following my dreams. Cathy has always helped me from the very beginning when we first sowed seeds in my basement greenhouse and now she has officially retired and joined the flower farm full time. 

She is over the moon excited for us to be back in the area and have her grand babies out in the field with her this summer.

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